Colorado Center of Dance


when you join our studio... you become part OF our dance family

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Ballet • Jazz • Contemporary • Tap • Creative Movement • Hip Hop


Colorado Center of Dance provides a positive, encouraging dance environment for all students

The goal is for each student to gain positive self-esteem and confidence

Our dance classes provide an arena to develop proper technique while teaching self-discipline and respect for the art of dance

Upcoming Summer Camps


SUmmer Camp - 1
june 25-28

Camp 1-A offers: Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop

Camp 1-B offers: Adv. Lyrical, Adv. Turns & Leaps, Modern & Improv. and Adv. Jazz

summer camp - 2
july 16-19

Camp 2-A offers: Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz 3/4, and Ballet 3/4

Camp 2-B offers: Improv./Choreography, Adv. Turns & Leaps - Strength Training, Adv. Lyrical and Adv. Jazz 

summer Camp - 3
juLY 23-26

Camp 3-A offers: Jazz 3/4, Contemporary, Ballet Center & Turns and Modern

Camp 3-B offers: Adv. Modern, Ballet Center-Pointe-Leaps & Turns, Hip Hop and Adv. Lyrical


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